Gamers Conflict

Network Stats

  • Total Servers: 2
  • Total IRCops: 2
  • Total Channels: 14
  • Total Users: 13
  • Max Users Ever Online: 27

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What are some good IRC clients?
There's mIRC for Windows, Colloquy for Mac OS X, irssi and XChat for the various UNIX and Linux operating systems.

What server do I connect to, and on what port?
Our round robin runs on Ports 6667-6669, 7000, and 7878 are available on all servers. Port 9898 is available to SSL clients.

How do I take advantage of SSL on Gamer's Conflict?
If you use the -ssl switch in the /server command on XChat or irssi, you will be connected via SSL. To use SSL with mIRC, read this.

How do I register a NickServ account?
You can use /msg REGISTER account password, or with our alias: /ns REGISTER account password.

OK, I'm registered. Now what?
When you connect, you'll need to authenticate or "auth" to services. Do this with /ns AUTH account password.

OK, cool... Now how do I register my channel?
Join the channel you wish to register (you must have operator status, the @ symbol, in the channel), and use /cs REGISTER #channel.

I'd like to be an IRC Cop!

Seriously, though. I want to help out.
If we need staff, we'll post a "help wanted" news item on the front page. If you'd like to link in a server, please come chat with us in #gamersconflict.

Help, I got g-lined, z-lined, or K-lined!
This means you've been banned from the network. When you're disconnected, the server sends the ban reason and disconnects your client. "AUTO," "proxy," and "DNSBL" bans can last from one to three hours. If you feel your ban was unfair, or wrongly targeted you, please make a post on our forums explaining your situation.

I need more connections, I got warned by OpServ about clones.
Please come chat with us in #gamersconflict . We can accomodate most requests for additional connections.

Those global announcements are annoying!
You can disable the announcement globals with /ns set announce off. Do note though, we often send important non-critical announcements through this message type.

Sweet FAQ, but I've got other questions, or need help!
No problem, just visit us in #gamersconflict.