Gamers Conflict

Network Stats

  • Total Servers: 2
  • Total IRCops: 2
  • Total Channels: 14
  • Total Users: 13
  • Max Users Ever Online: 27

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Proudly Hosted In the United States of America

Powered by Debian

• About Us

We're the Gamer's Conflict IRC Network (formerly known as the Protium IRC Network). Our goal is to provide you with a quality IRC experience centered around the gaming community. While our name rightfully implies that we're a gaming network, anyone is welcome to utilize the services we have to offer. Our staff have years of experience in managing IRC networks and providing a quality chat experience.

• What We Have To Offer

We use the Nefarious IRC daemon and its companion services package, X3. Both of these daemons come from the awesome evilnet development team on the AfterNET IRC network. With X3, we can provide our users nickname protection for up to five of their nicks, and channel registration for up to ten channels per user account. We also offer a hostname protection service (fake hosting), SSL connections to our IRC servers, and web chat via Mibbit.

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