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Gun Game 5.1

Post by coleco » March 7th, 2012, 10:41 pm

Gun Game 5.1
Yeah, it's p-cool.

The basic idea of GunGame is every time you get a kill, you get a new weapon. This could be in a random order, this could be sequentially, ending with the last two weapons being a Grenade, and a knife.

A GunGame like game mode was added into the latest iteration of Modern Warfare. It's also going to be an officially supported game mode in CS:GO. GunGame isn't like Warcraft 3, SuperHero, or whatever mods. At it's core, you're are still playing Counter Strike, just a different game mode.

Most GunGame servers run under the three following game modes:
  • Stock: When you die, you're dead till the rounds over
    Deathmatch: When you die, you either instantly come back to life, or after a brief delay.
    A few servers run Elimination: When you die, you come back to life when your killer gets killed.
Elimination fixes issues many of the issues that cause people to get quickly bored or frustrated with Stock and Deathmatch; You likely aren't going to wait forever to re-spawn if you die early in on the round. Players still care about their lives, because that aren't just going to instantly re-spawn. This causes people to try to play as skillfully as possible, while still having the game move at a moderate to fast pace that you expect out of a deathmatch game without the majority of the players charging at each-other constantly.

If you have never played GunGame before, or you havent played since 5.1 came out. Get on an Elimination Turbo server and mess around. It's actually fun.

GunGame requires EventScripts for Source, as well as an officially supported Python extension for EventScripts.

An installation guide, as well as documentation for GunGame can be found on their wiki at